Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lucy & Ethel

On April 1, our first little chick hatched.  Lucy was a day early and a complete surprise.  I picked Patsy up to check her eggs and there was the tiniest little chick under her!  Her chicks aren't silkies like her, they're buff laced polish (which is why they have the little poofs on their heads).

We tried both the broody momma hen and the incubator at the same time to see which way would work better. We had candled the eggs a few times and saw little chicks growing in them so we were certain we would have at least 4 chicks. 

Well, their hatch date came and went and we still only had one chick.  On Wednesday night, we checked them again and saw that one of the eggs in the incubator had a little pip.  I sat on the kitchen floor for hours that night to see if the little chick would crack any more of the egg but by noon on Thursday she hadn't made anymore progress and I was starting to get worried that she was stuck (she was flipped the wrong direction in the egg just like a breech baby).  I carefully cracked little pieces of her shell off so that all she had to do was push it apart.  She eventually did! 

I was away on Thursday night so Todd was texting me updates and sent me this picture right after Ethel hatched. Patsy took right to her even though she came from the incubator.

Ethel is even smaller than Lucy, has a smaller poof but much fluffier cheeks.  They are the sweetest, most adorable little things I've ever seen.  I wasn't sure how Patsy would react to having chicks but she has been the best little mom. 

She taught them how to eat and drink water.  She lets them jump all over her and squirm under her to stay warm.  Poor girl is so tired, I can tell!

This is Lucy.

This is Ethel.

Chicks are nearly impossible to take pictures of- I don't know how photographers do it with babies!  They bounce around everywhere and I swear the minute they see my camera, they hide.

For now, Lucy, Ethel, and Patsy will stay in a pet cage by back door- it's the easiest way to keep them safe from predators and at a comfortable temperature for chicks.  Once they "feather out", they will go out into their own little house next to our other chickens in the backyard.  When I post pictures on Instagram, people ask me all the time "you have chicken in your house?!" but they are rarely in my house.  They might come in if I leave the backdoor open or if I carrying them in but they don't live inside.  They actually do make diapers for chickens and some people keep them inside (especially if they're injured) but pet dust drives me crazy so no thank you!


  1. Congratulations! I squealed when I went to my blog reader this morning and saw this post! They are adorable and I love the names. (One of my favorite shows!) I still have yet to get chickens. I want to travel some this summer and am not sure how I will do that if I have more pets. (Our dog usually goes with us.) I would be interested to hear what you do with your chicken if you and Todd travel. Have a great week!

    1. Our neighbors have a 10 yr old girl who loves to "watch" them for us. She comes over and lets them out of the coop for a bit to run around the yard and makes sure that they have clean food and water. I guess just like you would do if you didn't take your dog with you. We usually give her a gift card to the movies to thank her.

  2. Congratulations! They are precious! We went to the children's museum on Saturday and it was "farm day" and there were some adorable chickens there, they were tiny and so sweet, and very friendly! I thought about your chickens and wondered if they had hatched yet!

    When my grandmother was alive, she had lots of chickens and I used to love helping her with them, especially when there were chicks!

  3. So cute! I'm going back and reading all your chicken posts again! We are building a house and we are going to have chickens once we get moved in! I told my Honey we needed pretty chickens - not regular chickens!

  4. They are soooo cute! I love chickens and can't wait until we move so we can get some! The neighborhood we live in now won't allow them! :(

  5. They are the CUTEST!!!!! That was the perfect Spring/Easter post!!!! :) happy spring!!

  6. My MIL had similar chickens years ago and I always loved them! The chicks have such cute sassy faces! :)

  7. please keep the chicken and chickie updates coming! they are so cute, I love reading about them!

  8. I can't decide who is cuter, Lucy or Ethel ... I always thought I wanted to raise peacocks myself but so far I've never owned a home and I'm not sure any landlord wants a screeching peacock in his yard!

  9. they are SO cute! I love how you helped Ethel out of her shell. :)

  10. I kind of want to buy you chicken diapers as a baby gift, since nobody threw you a baby chicken shower. ;)

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