Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Will you be my bridesmaid?

Now that my four bridesmaids have been given their little gifts (one is out of town so she hasn't opened her box yet but I don't think she reads my blog), I wanted to share the little boxes that I put together for them.

I got the idea from Pinterest (obviously) but changed a few of the items in the box.  The cards are from Sugar Paper for J.Crew.  I love Sugar Paper- they make such beautiful simple things and they came out with their J.Crew line the exact week that I was searching for cards.

In each box I put a Voluspa candle, Lollia hand cream, Julep nailpolish (in Jennifer), and macaroons.  I had to ship two of the boxes to my bridesmaids that I wasn't going to see anytime soon so instead of macaroons, I included a Rosebud lipbalm.  I saw another box that included a mini can of champagne which was really cute but I had visions of it exploding in the mail and one of my bridesmaids is only 19 so I'm not sure how much her mom would have liked that touch. :)

I tied them up with a satin ribbon and they're good to go!

Next post won't be wedding related- promise!


  1. This is so sweet! And beautiful!!! You did an absolutely perfect job!!! I know you maids LOVED it!

  2. Love these, such fantastic classic items!

  3. These are so sweet....makes me want to have a wedding! ;-) I don't mind wedding related posts!! But I have wondered about the chickens. And have you done anything new or fun with your house? Anything you post is always fun to read about. Hope all the planning is going smoothly!

  4. So cute and I love all wedding related posts!! Keep sharing them! So fun!

  5. Beautiful! Can't wait to see all of the details of your big day unfold.

  6. I think you mean macarons, not macaroons :)

  7. Your ribbon color is so beautiful. Kind of butterscotchy!

  8. I know this was a long time ago but do you remember what size boxes you used? Im trying to order them off amazon but im not sure what size to get.

    Thank you!



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