Monday, February 4, 2013

Thelma & Louise....and Dolly & Minnie Pearl

This weekend we had to take our little buddy, Thelma (who never got a proper rooster name), to his new home.  Talk about hearbreaking!  I knew the day was coming but I still couldn't help but be really worried about him.  Would they take care of him? Would he be warm enough at night? Would his new coop be secure enough to keep out other animals? Would he think we didn't like him and just gave him away? And heaven forbid if they killed him for food...this is all I thought about last week.

And then there was our other little girl, Louise, who absolutely loves that rooster.  They were never more than one foot away from each other.  I knew she would be so sad when her buddy was gone.  If there was a way we could have kept him from crowing, we would have kept him.

We found a nice man outside of town to take him.  He could tell how upset I was when we dropped him off (maybe because I was hysterically crying?) but he promised to take good care of him.  He has emailed me twice now to let me know how he's doing.  I miss that silly little guy!

Because we didn't want Louise to be alone, last weekend we went out to a farm to pick up two new little hens to add to our flock (two that we could be sure weren't roosters).  I think we came home with the two goofiest little chickens.

This is Dolly.  She is a buff silkie and about five months old.  She is TINY.  Not even as big as a football.  I saw her running around the coop with all of the little chicks and asked about her assuming she was a few weeks old like the others.  The breeder hatched her with the intention of her being a show silkie but because she has brown eyes, she isn't a good show bird.  They're supposed to have black eyes.  She is also the runt and her coloring isn't "right".

She is such a goofy little bird.  She has really short legs so she can't really run and her wings are tiny so she can't fly.  Silkie's feathers grow in backwards which is why they feel more like a cat than a bird.  When I brought her home, I stuck her right in the bathtub and gave her a bath.  And then blowdried her! She loved it! 

This goofy little thing is Minnie Pearl (hoooowww-deee!) She is an 11 week old buff brahma and is currently moulting which is why her feathers look bad.  When I give the girls grapes as a treat, she runs around and steals them out of their mouths.  She thinks she is much bigger than she really is!

All things considered, Louise is doing pretty well.  I can tell she is a little sad but I think she will be just fine. See Wesley watching over his girls? He sits outside with them all day and watches them run around the backyard.

Look at how big she has gotten!  I have to tell y'all the funniest thing.  The other night I left the back door open and went upstairs.  I came back down a little while later to find Louise SITTING ON THE SOFA! She was puffed up just taking a little nap.  Apparently I spoil them a little too much!


  1. They're so cute! I can't wait to hear all about them.

  2. Have you had any issues with them establishing a pecking order? I've heard that it can be tough introducing new chickens. We have 14, but I want to get a few more and am nervous about how they will get along.

    1. I thought there would be more of an issue than there was. It might have helped that they are all still pretty young (and the same size). I only kept them separated at night when I couldn't watch them- I didn't want our rooster to attack one of the little girls in the coop where they couldn't get away. All 4 were out in the yard most of the day free ranging and after a few initial "I'm the boss here" pecks, they all settled down and were fine.

    2. Also- I am so jealous of your 14! I wish we had that kind of room! I don't think our coop is big enough to hold more than 3 (they all insist on sleeping in a dog pile in the nesting box) but after seeing this post on Backyard Chickens, I need one of these!!

  3. I love reading about your chickens. The only thing keeping me from having some of my own is that they're against some ordinance in metro Nashville (boo). So for now, I live vicariously through yours and my dad's 'featered posse' as he calls them. He's got one of the biggest roosters I've ever seen!

  4. I love how you shared that photo on IG - it is so cute that Louise just came right on in!

  5. I love these chickens!! Glad they are all doing well together so far.
    Floating Along

  6. Love them! I'm sure they keep you guys laughing! I'm sure that guy will take great care of Thelma.

  7. Ohmygoodness! They are so cute! I'm so jealous! I'd love to have chickens (a whole farm if I could!) but we're not allowed where we live. Plus, our dogs would most definitely eat them. No doubt. Sorry you had to let Thelma go, I'm sure that was very hard for you, but sounds like you found him a good home!

  8. Doll is so freakin beautiful she looks a little sassy too hahha

  9. I just nominated your blog for "best food photography on a blog!"

  10. *I* want a sofa-sittin' chicken! Must find your instagram so I can see the picture....



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