Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas in Eufaula

This past weekend we went to visit Todd's family in Eufaula, Alabama.  Eufaula is beautiful anytime of year but it's especially pretty at Christmas time when all of the huge southern homes are decorated.  We were driving around and stumbled upon the Young-Dent Home.

It's not secret that I love old homes.  I never get tired of looking at them, reading about the people who lived in them, and thinking about what life was like back when these homes were filled with the people who built them.

This home was built in 1856.  Such a different world in 1856.  I was born 100 years too late, I'm sure of it!  We noticed a few people walk into the house and realized that it was open for tours.  We had to make it quick though because they were hosting an event.

I can just picture women in dresses hosting their friends in this room and sipping their tea.

You wouldn't believe how tall these ceilings are! The murals on the ceilings were amazing- they were done in the 1880's when the house was "renovated".

The middle floor had a few bedrooms, more very very tall ceilings and a bathroom.  We also got to go up in the cupola. In the (very small) stairwell going up there they had uncovered a section of the wall where the family members had signed their names.  How cool is that?

This home was a few streets over but a private residence (I think).  I would have loved to see the interior- I should have just gone up to the door and acted like I thought it was open to the public. At least I'd get to sneak a peek before they called the police on me!


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  2. Beautiful! I too was born in the wrong decade. I'm convinced I should be walking around an old plantation home in a big dress.

  3. I love the pre-Civil War houses. So beautiful!

  4. OH WOW! These are amazing. I love old homes as well!

  5. FUn fact- my first after school job, I was a tour guide in one of the local antebellum homes in my town. (we have two) I wore the big dress and hoop skirt and everything! I love old homes and all of the stories they have to tell. You should head down this way- between where I live and Baton Rouge, we have oodles of old homes with character and stories. I can tell you lots about them (because I have seen them all multiple times) :)

  6. Oh my goodness how beautiful! xx

  7. Oh, I love it! I am with you on older homes and "yesteryear"....did you see the IG of one of my favorite magazines? Good stuff. Hope your having a great week. xo

  8. Eufala is a beautiful town. I've driven through there hundreds of times and never been able to stop. I must make a point of visiting during a tour.

  9. I used to drive through Eufala when I would go from my home in Fort Walton Beach, FL to my friend's home in Atlanta, GA and I LOVE LOVE Eufala!! I used to tell myself I would live there someday... but I don't think I'll end up there :o( I may have to settle for an old home in Ohio.



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