Sunday, November 25, 2012

Southern Snow

Yesterday we made an impromptu trip.  We had to make a quick trip up to Augusta so we made a day of it.  Augusta doesn't really have much going on but the drive there was really pretty.  The roads are lined with cotton farms, many of which hadn't been picked yet. 

Todd pulled over so I could take a few pictures.  The sun was directly overhead so I took what pictures I could and decided to stop on the way back to get a few more once the sun was setting.  Wouldn't ya know, the farmer had picked the whole field by the time we came back through!

It really was some of the most perfectly clean fluffy bolls I've ever seen!

Augusta is a strange little town.  I don't know if it was because of the holiday weekend but we saw approximately 10 people the entire time we were there.  We walked up and down the main street, stopped in a few antique shops but for the most part, the town was closed up.  Maybe it only comes to live for the Masters?

Their riverwalk is really pretty though- it was a gorgeous cool day perfect to be outside.  The ginko trees were really a gorgeous bright yellow- they lined the streets downtown and in Olde Town. 

I'm still kicking myself for only grabbing my 50mm lens before we left.  I was positive that I had brought my wider lens- makes pictures of scenery really tough! 

Next we made our way over to Savannah.  It was getting pretty dark so I wasn't able to take any pictures of the town itself but! BUT! Let me tell you about this shop.  
I absolutely died when I walked in the door.  It's called The Paris Market (the website doesn't do it justice).  

It's got an Anthropologie feel (without the clothes) but blows Anthro out of the water. I was so overwhelmed by all of their incredible displays that I didn't even purchase anything.  It's housed in a historic two story building. 

Floor to ceiling are amazing salvaged finds that hold the prettiest paper, bath products, jewelry, gifts, candles, home decor- and the prices were more than reasonable.

My pictures are terrible because of the lens I had so here are a few more from my iPhone...They even had a little coffee bar over in the corner- I mean, why wouldn't they!

The Christmas decorations were to die for. 

This honestly might be one of my most favorite stores I've ever been in.  Savannah is only about 2 hours from here so we will be making another trip in the next few weeks- before Christmas- so we can see more Christmas lights.  I don't particularly love the area along the river but home around the little parts are amazing- especially with their Christmas trees peeking through the windows.


  1. My mom and my aunt have found some great stuff at The Paris Market. I've never been, though...looks like I'll have to make a trip there soon!

  2. The Paris Market looks fabulous! I have never been to Georgia but I'd love to visit. Your pictures are beautiful!

  3. I live about 30 minutes from Augusta and downtown is not the best place to shop/hang out. There are other areas that are much nicer and way cuter. Also, I went to the Paris Market the last time I was in Savannah and fell in love. I could spend all day and all of my savings in that place!

  4. now you are making me want to go visit one of my dearest friends out there so I can go sightseeing! :)

  5. I think Charleston has a The Paris Market! I need to check on that. Enjoyed the pictures and so happy Thanksgiving worked out for you.

  6. The Paris Market is so wonderful! I am so glad you went to it - they always have neat things for purchase and incredible taste.

  7. I've read about The Paris Market somewhere else, and I'm dying to get there!!!

    Love your charmin' ole' blog!

  8. Ahh all of those decorations are to die for! It's funny because as I was decorating my house yesterday for Christmas, I noticed that I have way more snowmen/winter decorations and hardly any Christmas ones. That will be changing this year!


  9. Good morning from L.A.!

    Gosh...I love that you called cotton Southern Snow. I lived in New Orleans my entire life and never heard such a saying. But it's perfect! It really makes me miss home, and your trips to my husband's home in the Mississippi Delta. Talk about flat land...

    In any case, as always I really enjoyed your pictures as well as what you had to say. It's a treat to read a blog where a Southern girl really appreciates the nuances of our culture. You give me hope that it'll all still be there when we move back!

    Have a lovely day and a wonderful Christmas season.



  10. Oh my gosh your cotton photos are so beautiful. I always thought it was cotton bowl, not cotton boll! Clearly I am Yankee born even though my entire family is from the south. My mother had Cotton Boll wreaths when we were little. I'm dying to find one and think I wrote that on your IG feed (which I love btw...CHICKENS!!!) Love all of your posts but the Ginko and cotton photos are blowing me away.

  11. Love, love, love the Paris Market. I've gone up there several times for my "fix" as well as to buy Savannah Bee thingys...



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