Friday, November 16, 2012

Preparing for Thanksgiving

I have finished almost everything on my Thanksgiving prep to-do list.  I have one trip to the Farmer's Market left and then of course all of the cooking and baking but that's the easy part.  I have tried to add some festive touches here and there that could easily transition into Christmas decor since that will be going up very shortly.

I made a huge centerpiece for the dining room table with my antique grape lug.  I filled it full of gourds, cotton bolls, leaves (that we picked up in Asheville), candles and pinecones.  It's huge and weighs probably 50lbs. 

I ordered a chair from Ballard Design back in September and it was just delivered a day or two ago.  It's the Elsie Club Chair and it's really comfortable. 

 The arms match my sofa without being too matchy matchy and it's got a deep seat so you can curl up in it.

I sewed a pillow cover with some leftover fabric.  Todd joked last night, "we (meaning me) like beige.  And sometimes a little off white." I try really hard to bring more color but I just get sucked into this neutral pit!

A few weeks ago I saw this blog post and fell in love with the white pumpkin she painted.    I'm guessing that her inspiration was from this artist's blog. I have never in my life painted anything but I needed that pumpkin!  Todd snickered the entire time I was painting it maybe even making a few comments about how it was going to turn out like a elementary school project. I was actually pretty happy with how it turned out!

Now the mantle.  Ugh. This was a huge source of stress over the past few weeks.  I hate the TV up there- it is such an eyesore. (Todd is screaming 'I TOLD YOU SO!" right now.)  I've had it for years, it's small, and because TV is not a top priority of mine, I haven't upgraded.  I put it up on the mantle a year ago with the intentions of mounting it but it never happened.  Then I got cable and there were these ugly cable boxes to deal with.  We've decided that it's time to upgrade (after Christmas) and at that point it'll come off the mantle all together but I had to find a way to disguise this mess until then. 

I figured the willow branches help fill the space left from the small TV and the pinecones help to hide the cable boxes.  And those big huge burlap bows...just for fun!

I got the sparkly GIVE THANKS garland from Pottery Barn Kids.

And just to keep myself grounded- this is the corner of the breakfast room.

That is my storage closet until the tables are delivered on Wednesday.
You've already seen the front porch but the back porch and all of the Thanksgiving details will have to wait until next week!


  1. Everything is looking fabulous! LOVE the centerpiece-- such a cute focal point for the table! Can't wait to see pictures from the day of :)

  2. I love all the pretty details. I can't wait to see pictures of your Thanksgiving celebration!

  3. As I've said before I don't know why you are not an interior designer! You have such great taste and I want to copy everything! Where do you get the cotton bolls? I am wanting to put some in my house and actually use them in my wedding but not sure where to look for them.


    1. I get all of mine from He sends the BEST big fluffy bolls that I've found anywhere and they're as good of a price as you're going to find anywhere. I found some at Hobby Lobby last year but they weren't nearly as good as the ones I've ordered from Cottonman.

  4. I LOVE your centerpiece. GOrgeous. And we've already talked on twitter about how I adore your burlap bows. I am totally thinking I want to do a burlap bow garland on my mantel. You inspired me!

    I wish I could get you to come decorate my house. LOL

  5. As always, LOVE your decor and taste!! And I love your cotton boll additions!

  6. you know, I know a guy who could hook you up with that TV upgrade. just saying.

    everything looks fab!

  7. so lovely! Everything looks great!

  8. There is nothing wrong with beige! It's by far my favorite color when decorating and dressing. Everything is gorgeous!

  9. Love everything! I've been looking at those Ballard chairs. It's good to see pics of the arms. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  10. It all looks so cozy and festive without going over the top! you've done a great job! I'll be thinking about you on Thursday! You'll have a great time and at some point, maybe an hour or so before everyone starts to arrive, you'll be questioning what you were thinking hosting for so many, but then about an hour after everyone leaves you'll be thinking that was so fun, I really should do it again. {if you are anything like me!} Can't wait to read all about it!
    xo, Tessa

  11. Everything looks amazing & I'm so excited for you to host such a big crowd! Todd better appreciate all the effort you've put in to making this a special event! Also, I just LOVE the beige, it's calming & serene!

  12. Everything looks wonderful! It's all come together beautifully. Wishing you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving ! :)

  13. I love your curtains. I have been looking for some similar for my living room. Where did you find them?



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