Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Porch

My favorite place in my whole house is the front porch. The weather has been so beautiful the last couple of days so I sit out on the porch every minute that I can.

 I found this little green bench on Craig's List for $15.  I think I'm going to sew a big pillow for the bench this week.  The white rocking chairs (that you've seen in past posts) were also Craig's List finds.  I'm all about finding great deals on Craig's List!

My porch probably has more "stuff" on it than any other room in my house- including about 15 pumpkins.  If I had any other place to put them (or pots of flowers), there would probably be more.  I have a feeling that my after-holidays-empty-house-depression is going to be very high this year due to my decor overkill.

The steps are lined with ornament kale and cabbage, mums, and pumpkins.

I bought mums at different stages of bloom so that they'll live a little longer.  They will probably all have to be replaced before Thanksgiving and I probably won't be able to find any that late so I'll have to reevaluate this whole situation!


  1. Such a gorgeous porch! reminds of a porch that would be on the cover of Southern Living!

  2. The front porch is my favorite place too! It's so peaceful, but offers great people watching for me at the same time. Our little dog, Winston, loves to roll around in the grass in our front yard then come sit on the stairs to "protect" me from all the birds & squirrels that dare come into my front yard! Your porch is WAY cuter than mine, though!

  3. aaahhhh, LOOOVE your porch! Wish I had a huge porch to decorate:( I just have a front stoop (condo) and a small patio. Can't wait until we buy a house someday so I can decorate more.

  4. You have such an amazing eye for all of this!! Looks like it is styled perfectly for the Southern Living cover shoot!

  5. So pretty!! One day when I have a massive front porch, I hope it looks like this!

  6. I am stupid obsessed with your porch.

  7. Your porch looks fabulous. I'd love to be able to sit out on mine in the evenings but we don't have any rockers like you (yet!).

  8. Looks gorgeous!!! If you pinch off dead blooms and water like crazy, the mums will last!



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