Sunday, June 5, 2011

All Things Farmer

I wanted to share one of my favorite blogs with you.  Our friend Brian introduced me to James Farmer's blog, All Things Farmer a few months ago.  James is a landscape designer turned great cook, party planner, decorator, and connoisseur of all things southern.  His blog reads like an issue of Southern Living and we all know those are words to live by.  I am a huge supporter of the farm-to-table lifestyle and will live vicariously through James' blog until I have a garden of my very own. 

I had a hard time narrowing down which bits and pieces of his blog to share with you (you really just need to mosey on over there yourself)...

This will be a perfect addition to my Peach Recipes Folder that I have been working on.  Surely I'll need quite a few good recipes for the peaches Todd and I pick in the next few weeks. ;-)

 Just look at his Peach Dinner...Is it not perfection?

 This tablescape just does it for me.

He's has a book coming out this September and I hope to catch him at one of his book signing.  

 He also has a website where you can read more about his services.  It's never too early to start perusing his special events it? ;-)

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  1. I think I'm in love! Heading over to check out his blog right now!

  2. all I can say! And that pictures of the candlight dinner in the open barn and the candle tablescape really did me in! Lovin' the post and I'm headin' over there to check out his blog! Thanks for sharing!! xoxo

  3. I just went to his blog, and I'm pretty sure I'm in love. Took me all of about two seconds to wander over to his "about me" section to see if he had a wife...and there's no mention of one. Bonus! : )

  4. I love his blog! Not too early at all to start planning for those special events.

  5. Thanks for the introduction!! I love him and have added him to my feedly read.



  6. How fun!! I planted peach trees this year, so excited to make my own cobbler...and then my dog dug them up! :(

  7. THANK YOU for introducing me to this blog!!! I am adding it to my weekly reads! YAY!

  8. A peach tart ... now that sounds delicious. Being in the South, peach cobbler reins, but this will be a fun new way of using our beloved fruit. Thanks for the introduction!

  9. Oh how I love the South! I'm slowly converting my fiance into a lover of (most) things Southern. He grew up overseas, so it's been a gradual process.

  10. Wow! This is so cool! Been inspired to this blog and can't wait to eat that peach recipe of yours. So eye candy!



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